About Us

Normal Landscape Cooperative is a landscaping company and worker co-op founded in the Normaltown neighborhood of Athens, Georgia, offering craftsman quality and ecosystem friendly landscape design and build services. Our goal is to help improve and beautify the greater Athens area with gardens of native and edible plants, durable handcrafted hardscapes, and a focus on creating unique outdoor living spaces.


Zachary Fitzgerald

Co-Founder & Worker-Owner

Zachary Fitzgerald came to call Athens home after graduating from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in History and Anthropology. An avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, he has a particular interest in native plants and trees, invasive plant management, and traditional building techniques from around the world. Zachary enjoys the creative outlet and physical accomplishment of shaping the landscape.

Nick Lapointe

Co-Founder & Worker-Owner

Nick Lapointe’s work at Normal Landscape Cooperative is informed by his background working in agriculture and ag research and rooted in his time studying Soil Science and Sociology at the University of Maryland. An incurable generalist with interests across many fields, Nick is keenly interested in the intersection of broad systems thinking, holistic design, and practical hands-on experience as an avenue to generate creative solutions to problems. Outside of work he spends time building things, gardening, and playing music in his recording studio.

Jessica Lapointe


Jessica Lapointe studied Environmental Science at the University of Maryland concentrating on soil, water and land resources, and went on to work in the research of sustainable and regenerative methods in agriculture. She has since moved into landscaping work as an avenue to find more insects, snakes, and lizards in the field. The creative eye that she brings to her landscaping craft is also useful in her stained glass artwork.

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is an organization formed so that its members can work to meet their common goals through a jointly-owned and democratically managed enterprise. Many people are familiar with a few examples of cooperatives such as food co-ops and consumer co-ops like REI, but it is less commonly known that worker cooperative exist in many different industries and by some estimates, cooperatives employ about 9% of the global workforce.

Our cooperative business model means that each of our full time workers is also an owner/partner in the business with a vested economic interest and share in decision making. We believe that this structure allows us to both provide our clients with the highest quality, most responsive service we can and create truly sustainable jobs in an industry typified by high turnover and a high incidence of worker burnout.